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Yes, it is true. The article appeared in a little-noticed 2017 Volume of Nature reporting about this new discovery by Indian physicists of the oversized atoms of massively heavy elements, composed of nuclei whose stability is greater as they become larger. It goes on to say that they should appear in a new periodic table of the elements (like the one above) and that the energy from these atoms is highly exothermic through fusion, creating a whole new source of energy. (the article with a 2019 update is in my book below)  I am  very happy to report to you today that after 50 years of research on just this subject, I have found evidence that these new atoms actually do exist. My book tells you the story of the many steps I went through to find something, that I mistakenly thought, was just science fiction. If you are a scientist or even a layperson, you may be asking yourself why the best minds have failed to show that these atoms exist. The sad fact is that the scientists of the 1920s dismissed the possibility when they declared that the periodic table of the elements should be unnaturally split into two pieces, one above the other. When you read the following book you will not only see the above article but other wonderful findings. Things like the discovery of a new Periodic Table  of the Elements with spaces for 8 of these new elements composed of highly exothermic atoms. Directly below this forward is the periodic table that I believe holds the key to these massive particles. Study it carefully, it may bring many exciting things to your world. This book is written to allow you an understanding of this subject on a basic scientific level. You may find yourself imagining a new means of propulsion in space or using the highly exothermic properties for the new power plant of the future.

With this new form of energy we can save our environment, solve the hunger problem and stop the global lust for war.  We can make arid land fertile to feed everyone and nasty car fumes will be a thing of the past with no more dead birds from wind-turbines.  Unlimited energy will stop all the bad competition for oil and gas.  God has truly blessed these scientists and our world.


In his book about Nikola Tesla’s dream for a world of unlimited energy, “The Influence of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla’s Understanding of free energy”,  Toby Grotz says this about the potential for a new source of power:

“Thirty thousand people starve to death every day on this planet, most of them are children.  Nations fight nations, war is part of our lives.  What drives our economy in the western world, allows us to enjoy a high standard of living, a life of leisure compared to our neighbors south of the imaginary line called a border? Many answers both economic, social, political, and spiritual can be given.  We do know that the standard of living that a nation enjoys is directly related to energy consumption.  Energy drives the economies of nations and Tesla’s life long goal was to make electric power equally available to all people any where on this planet.  He continued to promote his plan for the wireless transmission of power in the yearly interviews he gave on his birthday as late as 1940.  Electrical power allows on site processing of raw materials. Electrical power can run pumps from water wells in areas affected by drought. Electrical power delivered to the poverty stricken areas of the world can make the pie larger, can help bring about the needed economic equality which is our birth right.”

The scientists and even the non-scientists must decide to get this right, to get this potentially free power distributed everywhere, yes even into countries that have bad actors.  Only thru this equanimity can the world raise itself into the noosphere proposed by Teilard DeChardin. Until we learn to love everyone equally and everywhere, we will not know this ultimate power.



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